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Learn more about PVC wire and cable pellets

PVC particles are insoluble in water, alcohol, gas, water vapor, low leakage, can withstand any concentration at normal temperature, and have certain corrosion resistance. The pvc wire and cable particles made of this material naturally have a long service life, and A material that is highly respected, such wire and cable is also widely used in some electrical facilities. Specifically, the advantages of pvc wire and cable particles are mainly concentrated in:

(1) Compared with general materials, pvc wire and cable particles have a relatively high relative density and a certain strength.

(2) The resin and the auxiliary agent are uniformly mixed, and the physical properties are relatively uniform.

(3) The color of the pvc particles is relatively uniform.

(4) The air-containing agent has less volatile matter and is less likely to generate bubbles.

(5) pvc particles are a new environmentally friendly material that does not pollute the living environment.