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Effect of PVC Particles on Mechanical Properties of Different Products

PVC particles are mainly a kind of PVC resin, and when people are converted into a molten state under the heat and shear of pvc particles, the structure of PVC resin particles mainly refers to the formation during the synthesis process, and during the processing. The particle structure becomes much smaller under the action of heat and shear, while PVC resin is mostly amorphous, and there are also a small amount of crystalline regions. Therefore, in the PVC molding process, due to heat and shear, etc. Different effects often lead to different changes in the morphology of the resin particles, and finally the performance characteristics of the products appear to have great differences and effects.

The gelation degree of the product will change with different processing conditions, which will affect the performance of the product. The particle form of the PVC resin prepared by using different polymerization methods has certain differences, but regardless of Whether it is suspension polymerization or bulk polymerization, etc., the resin particles are formed by the aggregation of primary particles, but the mechanical properties of different products are affected by the change of processing process and process parameters, and the impact strength and breaking strength of pvc particles in the production process. There are also strict requirements for elongation at break and the like.