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How to choose high quality PVC wire and cable pellets

How to choose high quality pvc wire and cable pellets

The high-quality wire and cable particles made of PVC materials are not only highly dense, but also widely used in telecommunications and communication because of their high strength. Therefore, when people buy pvc wire and cable particles, they must Pay attention to the quality of the pvc material to carefully select high-quality pvc wire and cable particles, then, how to choose.

The pvc material we see in daily life is very rigid. In addition, its high performance also benefits from the use of some additives, such as lubricants, etc., so that the pvc wire and cable particles have other materials. Insulation, low hardness, etc., so pay attention to the test when selecting, if the level is higher, it can also be used in advanced electrical insulation materials. In addition, high-quality PVC wire and cable particles are also non-flammable. Characteristics, therefore, how to choose depends on the characteristics of the pvc material itself.