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Make life more colorful PVC particles

The products that are often used in our daily life are made of pvc particles. The pvc particles mainly use polyvinyl chloride plastic molding base materials. When making other products, we need to add other auxiliary materials or It is an additive, etc., which not only promotes other performance characteristics of the product, but also is more durable and long-lasting in use. When the pvc material is actually used, the stabilizer is added according to the range of use and the use of the product. , lubricants and auxiliary processing agents.

The pvc material made of pvc particles has good stability characteristics such as non-combustibility, high strength and weather resistance, so it can be made into many products that are often used in our lives, such as water supply pipes, households. Pipes, house wall panels, as well as electronic product packaging, medical equipment, food packaging, etc., are made using pvc particles, and the scope of use is very wide.