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Characteristic properties of PVC plastic

AAA PVC is the material composition of the plastic products we see. Compared with polyvinyl chloride materials, it has a relatively high hardness. As a product, it has great limitations. It is because of the addition of some stabilizers. Lubricants and other auxiliary materials have made us see more pvc plastics. What are the properties of pvc plastics that we deserve to be studied?

The thermal properties of PVC plastics, pvc plastic will begin to decompose at a high temperature of 140 ° C, so the pvc plastic obtained after processing can be competent for the work to be completed; pvc plastic is very plastic, can be made according to actual needs Needed products, such as pvc plastic pipe; pvc particles are small units that are used. After processing, various color blocks and pipes made of pvc particles are used in various aspects, which are highly praised by consumers. Pvc particles have high strength and good toughness, and the quality of pvc particles is very light, and the price is low, which is convenient for long-distance transportation and convenient for packaging and maintenance!