Small tricks for choosing plastic barrels

Editor:平湖中美包装科技有限公司 │ Release Time:2022-12-05 

1. Food contact should be inspected

If the plastic bucket needs to be in direct contact with food, then its production materials need to be issued by the manufacturer to verify that it is a food material before it can be used.

Here we suggest that everyone choose plastic food barrels and try to choose white ones, so that you can know at a glance whether it is a new material for production and processing.

2. See the instructions for chemical tolerance

If it is a plastic bucket for storing chemical liquids, when we choose, we should pay attention to the performance description of the plastic bucket to determine whether the plastic bucket can be resistant to chemicals.

3. Low temperature and high temperature should be customized

If it is a plastic bucket used in a low-temperature or high-temperature environment, it needs to be customized with a thickened version or a freeze-resistant version.Generally speaking, ordinary models may not meet the performance of use, or the life span is longer than that of thickened models.

4. Avoid light for outdoor storage

Some plastic buckets stored outdoors for a long time may need to be produced in black to avoid light.Some special chemical liquids also need to be stored in black containers, so that the effect of avoiding light is better.

5. Product performance should be tested

For the different properties of plastic barrels such as corrosion resistance, storage capacity, sealing performance, multi-layer stacking, handle load-bearing, etc., reasonable tests can be carried out to test the performance of plastic barrels.